Monday, March 1, 2010

Bypass "uploading.com" restrictions using legal ways

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» Bypass "uploading.com" restrictions using legal ways

[Last update on 02/03/2010, Tue]

Uploading.com, is another largest providers of online storage and web hosting services.
Usually, we are able to bypass download limit using other proxies[Read more].

I’ve received a message stating that my IP address is currently downloading a file. But I’m not downloading anything at the moment. What should I do?.

When you are not download anything but you received a message stating: "Your IP is currently downloading a file or download limit exceeds." We know that someone might be using your IP address to download files from uploading.com.

There are 5 ways to bypass this:

1) Download on a "non-peak hour" such as early in the morning or midnight as most of the people are sleeping.

2) If you’ve completed a file download within the latest 5 minutes, it is possible that the file status has not been updated yet. In this case please try to download the file again later.

3) Create a free account(it reduces the download limit so that you can download more files and at the same time it reduces the waiting time by around 30 seconds.)

4) Use a different ISP such as a mobile BroadBand.

5) Using a virtual private network (VPN) as it "gives" you a "new" IP address.

13 free VPN softwares:

06) PacketiX.NET(Japan VPN)
07) UltraVPN(French VPN)
08) CyberGhost(German VPN)
09) Jap
10) Gpass
13) Tinc


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