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AuditionSEA-How to change between window mode and full sceen easily

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First we need to locate the AuditionSEA folder in your computer.
Click on start,
All programs,
Asiasoft Online,
Right click on the AuditionSEA icon and select properties,
Under the shortcut tab, choose Open File Location.

For default installation, is should be at C:\Program Files\AuditionSEA\AuditionSEA

Usually we open the slow and laggy patcher2 and wait for it to load finish. Which after that, we check or uncheck to run AuditionSEA client in full screen or winmode.

However, you can choose to run which client in full screen or winmode by editing Config.ini in the respective Audition folder.

When you open the Configuration setting file, it will be:




0 means Full screen and 1 means winmode. By changing the number, you are able to switch between full screen and winmode easily. REMEMBER to save the Config.ini after you edit.

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